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I've been using svelte for about 3 years now. From this personal website to basically anything that isn't Nuxt 3, it's been an absolute blast to use. It's the only frontend JS framework I can truely consider myself skilled in, and it's my most used out of all that I have used.

Started learning it after I heard about it from a Youtube video, and have not regretted that decision since. Possibly my favourite feature is svelte stores, which makes app state incredibly easy to manage. Very handy for basically anything, especially for persisting data across reloads/saving settings in a tauri app.

Sveltekit then turns Svelte from a frontend library into a fullstack app framework. It makes svelte the best frontend framework I've used. From folder-based routing to load functions, it does basically everything I need to build any website. Routing? Check. SSR? Check. NoJS support with ease? Check. Progressive enhancement? Check. It has allowed me to make 0 JS incredibly easily and in a way thats actually fun.