The 2023 quotebook: top quotes of the year

By Suyashtnt | Published 01 Jan 2024 | Updated 01 Jan 2024

So, in the middle of this year I started “The quotebook”, A file in my Obsidian vault containing a bunch of quotes from my friends IRL and a bunch of people online (With permission ofc). It’s a continuation of something my friends started after one of them said this now legendary line:

“It’s a goat, goats are dinosaurs”
04 August 2020 19:02

Now there are about 108 quotes (and thats only IRL!). Here are some of my favourites from this year (All of these were said in-person. That is the only context you are getting for most of em).

  • [0] What? I have to “draw a cat that represents me”?
  • [1] Wow, that’s crazy! I have to do the same thing!
  • [2] Wow that’s crazy! I have to do the same thing!

23 May 2023

(numbers represent diff people in the same quote. The same number doesn’t nessesarily mean the same person across quotes.)

“Do you know where those 3 boys went fuckers stole my bread!”
Late July 2023

“Well thinking is critical to our survival, therefore all thinking is critical thinking”
08 Aug 2023 - 12:31

“I am a mushed potato seeking revenge”
18 Aug 2023 - 14:23

  • [0] you are what you eat.
  • [1] I eat people!?

21 Aug 2023 - 14:58

Context: Chess
“You want to keep your tempo and you’re looking for blood.”
28 Aug 2023 - 15:30

  • [0] Somebody should’ve sculpted a child being sold on the dark web.
  • [1] Aww that would be cute!

28 Aug 2023 - 16:21

“I had SO much fun getting hit in the head!”
06 Sep 2023 - 12:17

“Who needs Order when you have Death?”
08 Sep 2023 - 15:06

“I feel like telling somebody they have W rizz is better than saying they have world class seduction skills”
20 Sep 2023 - 11:15

“I communicated with a frog in its language to figure out it doesnt want to date me”
16 Oct 2023 - 13:23

“They’re asking you to make this sentence suffer.”
24 Oct 2023 - 09:40

  • [0] Maybe they want you to connect with the character more
  • [1] I’m already connected enough; I’m kinda obsessed

02 Nov 2023 - 09:58

“If the building collapses because you shut down the wall it’s your fault!”
03 Nov 2023 - 10:30

11 Nov 2023 - 19:57

“Stop boasting that you can move your arm!”
04 Dec 2023 - 18:37

Thats it for this year! I’m probably going to turn this into a yearly blog post.