My opinions on AI usage at school

By A badly drawn wobbler | Published 30 Apr 2024 | Updated 30 Apr 2024

println!("Hello world and fellow homosapiens");

As somewhat expected, many students have a mixed opinion of AI. As a student myself (woag.png), I also have a mixed opinion on AI.

You can use it help complete your tasks faster. I’ve used it to create an idea for an English essay. Alternatively, you could use it to bypass the point of the essay by making it write the essay for you. This is where I draw the line between good and bad usages of AI.

The good side of AI is when you use it to help you. For example, I’ve used it to brainstorm an essay I had to do on a quote I was given. I found one of its ideas interesting and created my own talking points based of the response to write the essay. It didn’t write the speech, but it helped me make an idea I could work with.

However, you could make the AI replace you. Instead of using it to generate ideas for an essay, I could’ve just asked it to write the essay for me. While it would’ve been more convenient, and saved time and brain usage, it wouldn’t help me in the long run. Writing the essay and using my English skills is my job, not the computers job!

AI can be used for good and bad, even in a school setting (duh). While you can use it to help speed up your creative process, you can also take the bad ending route and use it as your creative process. A world where the human thought and creativity is being replaced by machines is a world without emotion and empathy.

println!("Goodbye world!");