Handmade products

By Suyashtnt | Published 29 Oct 2023 | Updated 29 Oct 2023


Handmade products are quite interesting pieces of art. They are, well, items that are made by hand, with little machinery involved.

Some examples include: Prisma Audio’s AZULs, some musical instruments, and a ton of items on Etsy*.


Handmade products have a few advantages over their machined counterparts. They are higher quality. A person can spend much more attention to detail than a machine, and some methods of production are not possible with machines.

You also get to support individuals and small businesses. This is a great way to support those who are still small and not sell your soul to Amazon/Apple/Google/etc.


Handmade products are expensive. They take a lot of time to make, so you will be paying for the time spent making the product. They are also made with higher quality materials, which are more expensive.


Handmade products can be a great buy sometimes. They are usually of higher quality, and you get to support small businesses. They are expensive though, and sometimes simply not worth it, even if you take into account the time spent making the product.