Go Go Gadget GoDaddy: wobbl.in is mine!

By Suyashtnt | Published 28 Jan 2024 | Updated 28 Jan 2024

So in the distant past of (I think nearly exactly) a year ago, I needed a domain for my art project (more specifically, my website was my art project). I got a free .tech domain with my GitHub student license, so I used that. Thus, tntman.tech was born.

However, turns out .tech domains are extremely expensive to renew (R430ish at the time of writing), so that was just completely unfeasable to continue. So I needed one I could actually continue using. There were a few contenders:

  • tntman.dev
  • suyash.dev
  • wobbl.in

One of them is far funnier than the others, and thus, welcome https://wobbl.in!